ASO 2016 101: How To Get Traffic With Long Tail Keywords And Tools That Help

When we bring up the subject of ASO and online marketing, one of the first things will come up to our minds are “keywords”.
Many hours have been allotted for research that yields new keywords for ASO campaigns and apps to target. Nowadays, a single keyword like “recipes” will have a significant volume or traffic score, but also has a monumental or high competition.
In App Store Optimization, while we want traffic, we also need to garner the right views from users within the specific audience.
The term “long-tail keywords” refers to search terms that are more concrete and focused than the usual broad concept. In most cases, these can be three to four words or even more in length.
What’s required here, is that it should focus on a particular niche. While you may scoff at them for a lower traffic count, you will realize its importance in ASO in the long run.

In this post, we will discuss why long-tail keywords are necessary for ASO this 2016. I will also show you how to find them using incredible ASO tools at your fingertips! Cool eh?

Why You Need Long-Tail Keywords in Your Marketing Strategy

When a user begins searching for something in the App Store, specifically a game or an app, they start with broad search phrases or terms.
Let’s say a user is looking for something related to the massively popular Final Fantasy franchise. He or she will start with something like “Final Fantasy.” And as the user searches, he or she will begin to narrow his or her pool of choices. Next could be “Final Fantasy RPGs,” or something similar.
longtailgraphThen, the user will narrow it down to a more specific type of item: “Final Fantasy RPG 2016.” Now we are getting into long-tail keywords.
Based on the give example or scenario. You will notice that as the search term became more detailed, the person who is searching come even closer and closer to his or her ultimate purchase decision.
While you can pull a lot of users with a broad term or searches, you won’t know if these people are interested in your particular app or game.
In the end, these kinds of longer keyword phrases bring targeted consumers to your app looking for the things you offer. This will lead to less potential traffic, but better conversion and quality of leads.

By the time the user reaches the point where they search for long-tail keywords or phrases, they are laser-focused on what they really want and ready to download or even buy when they find what they are looking for. By targeting a “phrase” that speaks of your app or game, you’re pulling those kinds of users closer to your product.
Beyond receiving a high amount of targeted traffic, you are also going up against less competition.
If you tried to compete with the litany of games or even apps that are targeting “Final Fantasy,” you would be swept under the rug, as it’s too tough – the competition is really high. Why not try to target a specific audience to gain a larger piece of the pie as a result.
In this video covering this same subject, Gabriel Machuret discusses the importance of long tail keywords in ASO and how to find them.

Tools for Finding Long-Tail Keywords for ASO this 2016

I know you’re excited to start grabbing these long keyword phrases by the horns, but before we do that, you need to learn, how to find them.
Even Juan Manuel Marquez required a little luck to pull a KO win against Manny Pacquiao. Keep the energy up, and get ready to learn how you can find these sweet keywords.
These four tools will help you find long-tail keyword phrases, and know which ones your competitors are using!

Mobile Action

I just recently got my hands on this impressive ASO tool called Mobile Action, and let me tell you this – it is amazing!
All you have to do is type in an app or a game, and you will have a full breakdown of all kinds of fabulous ideas and information, but more importantly, you’ll also see who your competitors are. Cool eh?

Now this is just an overview of all the things that this ASO tool can do for you, but as you can see, I’ve listed below the main areas you’ll want to focus on using Mobile Action:

  • App Tracking
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Competitor’s Keyword
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Recommended Actions
  • Review Analysis
  • App Visibility Report

All these information is enough for you to find those long-tail keywords that fit your niche, and with the competition info laid out for you, all you need to do is locate them using this tool to get all the vital information about them as well.

Google Keyword Planner

Most of the time, for you to get what you need – you need to go to the source.
If you already have information that you found using Mobile Action, and you need more ideas on how to expand these keywords, then using Google Keyword Planner is the next stop.
This tool requires a Google account for Gmail and the like before heading to the dashboard’s page.
Upon signing in,  select the “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website, or category” option.
Key in some of the keywords you found using Mobile Action and select the keyword ideas tab to see all the related words and phrases.
Take a look at this example:
You’ll see lots of options for long-tail keywords in the list above, providing you with the best ideas to reach your target audience!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, App Store Optimization is an ever-shifting playing field. One thing is for sure, though. High competition for single keywords has always been constant. By targeting a particular audience using relevant long-tail keyword keywords, you’re ensuring that the right users in the right buying mindset see your app or game. Ultimately, that’s the goal of our ASO strategy, and this is the way.
How do you find and target long-tail keywords in your ASO campaigns? What tips and tricks do you use? Tell me your thoughts and opinions in the comments below and thanks for reading my article!

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