Appnique App Store Optimization tool – worth it?

Another App store optimization tool…. this time Appnique, launched by Jai Jaisimha as featured in an article by Sarah Perez in TechCrunch.
So another tool… awesome right? I was ultra excited to test it out and see what amazing new features these guys could bring to the industry. Oh boy… what a frustration was to test this tool.
In the following video you can witness a few issues with Appnique. []
DAM expensive: Seriously, is not that app developers are mean or cheap… but Appnique is just to expensive when you compare it to the other ASO tool… ┬áin my point of vidw, the software simply doesn’t provide enough value to pay $200 for the “complete version”. (sorry guys)
They also have an ELITE version for $1000 . Yes… $1000 …. I can’t recall any SEO tool that charged $1000 per month… so clearly Appnique has something that nobody has, but clearly they can’t really showcase what they have that is so special.
No real DATA. Sorry… the data provided is poor and the report system is mediocre compared to SearchMan, Appcode or AppSearchRankings…
Features that are not real features. Some of the features of Appnique are like “junior-lite-cute” features but useless.. example: Compared the price between your competitors. Is that a feature? Really? Don’t know… difficult to pay when that’s one of their highlights or when I have to pay extra to be able to see features or to add more than 3 keyword to analyze.
Want more? Pay more. Some of the “features” they offer are only for the “complete service” at $200 per app… when in reality you can have the “complete” overall in the other 3 alternative ASO tools…
Lack of Intelligent Suggestions: The suggestion for keywords to target is poor (in the amount of keywords suggested) and very mediocre regarding the right keywords to target. (Just check my the video to understand why) .
Don’t get me wrong, you get some suggestions of what keywords to target.. but the those suggestions, are not very “intelligent” suggestions.
Slow Reports: The Keyword Analysis report takes 1 hour to “appear” and after more than 1 hour the report didn’t bother to arrive to my inbox…
So there you go…. not all ASO tools are the same, and Appnique, proofs my point