App Store Optimization Rant

So I have been pretty busy working with many app companies providing App store optimization services.
My ASO services are usually a bit more direct, less BS than other app marketing companies.
I believe in going straight to the point so…. because may people keep sending me the same questions over and over… I have decided to write this ASO rant, making things clear, don’t expect sweet statements about what ASO is all about, instead keep in mind that like any “marketing strategy” you need to have a realistic outlook.
So here we go

1st. ASO is not a MIRACLE PILL.

This means in plain terms that if your app sucks, it sucks. End of story.
the solution when you have an app that sucks is to delete it, and then start again. Do something better. Stop being mediocre. Be epic. Do good stuff. All right?

2nd.Stop asking me if ASO can put you in top 10 ranking.

As soon as you ask me that I think you
a) Are joking
b) Don’t understand App store optimization
c) Believe in Unicorns.
Now my son is 7 and he doesn’t believe in Unicorns, so how do you think you can have top ranking for an app just by optimizing the app?
ASO is like adding fuel to your car and putting proper oil.
Can a car run without oil?
Yes for 1 or 2 miles…. then it will brake down. So is better to put oil in your car vs driving it without oil, that’s all.  (Stupid example I know)
Well same deal with apps and optimization.
3rd. If your APP ROCKS!!!!!!!!!  —> you may not need ASO.
Yes… you don’t need ASO if your app is used by president Obama and he decides to ask the American People to use your app. Or if you sell your app to Yahoo for 30 million dollars… then who cares about ASO….
So If that happens, then my friend you are in safe territory. Forget about App store optimization.
4rd. ASO is not a SCIENCE , or an ART… is just practice and trial an error.
Part of the reason why people that embrace ASO, usually find results, is because they accumulate something pretty dam valuable:
Data can bring you a different perspective, when you are getting ready to take action. The problem is that you need REAL data, and that data comes from your own experiments, from your own updates, from your own ranking tracking….
You can “borrow” data… but the best data is the data that hurts, that data of your own mistakes, failures, errors.
Without failing, without trial an error, there is no gain.
5rd. ASO works. (Just because it hasn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work)
Seriously. We live in a society of automatic gratification. I want to be 1st, let me buy downloads, I want to get reviews, let me buy them…. fast, fast, fast. ASO is not McDonald. If you want something fast, go and pay for traffic…
The key ingredient of ASO is called Optimization and for you to really understand what optimization means think of  the word
Kaisen is a japenese word that is defined the constant and never ending improvement. Kai menas change and Zen means good.
So there you go, think of ASO as the constant and never ending improvement of your app. 😉