App Store Optimization in 2016

We all know that App store optimization is here to stay but what about ASO in 2016. What can we expect next year?
Before we move to topics like iOS9 let’s talk about what will be the real scenario for ASO in 2016… and that my friends is : social.

Social media is going to be where the game is being played and many app companies are going to need to step up their game because their social strategy sucks.

Yes, it is time to stop asking your interns to run your Facebook strategy and to realize that social media is more than asking for likes and asking people to download your app.

Without any real social media plan the whole idea of App store optimization is going to become useless and that’s why more and more companies are really starting to realize that harvesting the power of social media makes more sense from an ROI point of view, than trying to find new channels to increase their user base.
So what this brings is a more difficult path to those that are just building apps and then trying to figure out how to make an strategy that will work for them…  vs the real publishers that are analzying effective ways to succeed in the app store.
The app industry is now out of kindergarten and it’s time to realize that 2016 is going to be the year where the mediocrity will be out of the window and the real app businesses will be the winners next year.