App Store Optimization Dance. Why App Rankings Go Crazy?

Recently I have been receiving notifications from about a strange movement in the ranking of some of the apps I was tracking with their tracking system.
If this confuses me and I investigate, read, write and test ASO every day… I wonder how confusing this can be for app developers out there. To figure out why one day you are up and next day you are down can difficult to understand (even to accept!)… but the reality is that any algorithm will always perform some type of dance.
The Dance, comes from the concept of Google Dance.  The dance is when Google algorithm applies some type of refresh, and this refresh will the rankings crazy (up and down) for 2 to 5 days until eventually things will go back to normality.
Do we have the same in the App store? Do we have the same in Google Play?
Does the App store and Android Market suffer of Algorithm dance?
Well… in this video, I try to figure out what’s going on. (and yes, this is my first Youtube review in HD … groovy! – plus I recorded on my B-day, so happy BDAY to ME!)