App Store Optimization Book? Read it online ;)

So far ASO Ninja has sold over 500 copies in different stores and I’m so pleased I really want everyone out there to be able to read as much as App store optimization as possible.
The book took me a few months to write and I believe it’s extremely current and if you are an app developer you could find a lot of value on it.
Because I know many app developers will wonder if the content is worth the tiny investment of $9.99 (lol) , I decided to published the content before someone else scrapes the content and post them in their site .
So what’s the catch?
Not a huge catch, I just ask you to share it… if you share it you have access to all this awesome content. πŸ˜‰ I guess is a fair deal πŸ˜‰
Once you share it one time, you have access to all the links – yep , like magic!
Links to the 17 Chapters Below:
Chapter 1 – App Store Optimization Introduction
Chapter 2 – The Challenge behind ASO
Chapter 3 – ASO conditions
Chapter 4 – App Store vs. Google Play
Chapter 5 – ASO: The basics

Chapter 5.1
– APP Name/Title

Chapter 5.2 – Keywords
Chapter 5.3 – Keywords Considerations

Chapter 5.4
– Keyword Tools

Chapter 5.5 – The App Description
Chapter 6 – ASO Recap
Chapter 7 – Icons
Chapter 8 – Screen Shots
Chapter 9 – Videos, Trailers and Demos
Chapter 10 – Reviews and Ratings
Chapter 11 – Popularity Ranking Factors
Chapter 12 – Tracking and Improving Rankings
Chapter 13 – Launching Your App
Chapter 14 – Conventional SEO
Chapter 15 – Quick Reflections about the Future of ASO
Chapter 16 – A different perspective

Chapter 17 – Final Words