App Store Optimization Blackhat. Really?

So many SEO professionals, yes… I mentioned SEO professionals and not ASO professionals… have gone around the world talking about Apple tackling the first case of App store blachatasooptimization blackhat. Oh boy… welcome to a new world. If the word blackhat exist now in ASO it means this baby-industry is growing… and I guess in some sort of way is a good sign.
So, the whole world is complaining about Appgratis playing the app store blackhat game… and obviously Appgratis fans are claiming that no… appgratis was just trying to solve a problem.
Well the reality is that both parties are right.
Appgratis indeed did blackhat in the technical meaning of the word… and at the same time it provided to offer a solution to the problem of discoverability in the app store. But the most important point IMO is that Apple is really waking up and realizing that SEARCH is not just a nice thing they need to improve, is what will make the difference between winning the app game or loosing it.
Here is my video about it. 😉

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