A Beginner’s Guide to App Store & Google Play A/B Testing


A/B testing app store pages can be trickier than testing an SEO landing page, an email, a PPC campaign, especially when you are not using a reliable a/b testing tool. There are some precautions that you should take to ensure you obtain accurate results and not to damage your previous app store optimization efforts. Read below to know why.
Before we begin, I would like to make things clear that this post is not about testing different variations of an app store page to determine which attracts more traffic from the App Store Search Engines. This is about how to check your app store page variations and determine which converts better or higher than your desired goal.
One easy example that would help me illustrate my point would be the desire to enhance a particular app store page that will attract more visitors, and lead to more downloads of your app. You obviously want your app store page to rank high in the app store listing, but the point of testing it is to achieve the highest possible conversion.

And Since We Will Be Testing App Store Pages, Make Sure They Are Optimized!

In creating your app’s page, you must decide on the following elements such as the title, icon, screenshots, description, and keywords.
So how do you decide? Honestly, you can rely on your gut or just ask someone you consider an ASO expert for advice. Many app developers, ASO experts, and publishers do just that: They either come up with an idea or ask a marketing consultant.
Another suggestion is to generate several options and then run a couple of tests to determine which one is better.  This is where A/B testing comes into play. It will help you figure out which of these variants tested in a controlled experiment is better — in the case of the App Store or Google PlayStore page; it means better rankings, conversions, and app downloads.
Here is a checklist of important items you will want to focus on when you create your first App Store or Google page:


  • Plain icon or logo works better.
  • Remember. Less is more.
  • For your background, opt for a soft color.
  • For the primary element in your icon, choose a simple visual, like the logo of your app or the main character of the game.

The Screenshots influence “ASO weight” for any app store page. Choosing the best screenshots for your app is a MUST.
Remember, these screenshots will sell your app literally. It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Meaning a good picture on an App Store page is worth more than a thousand downloads.
In a variety of my A/B testing experiments using TestNet, ASO optimized screenshots have shown an increase in conversions from 30% to 50%, from 50% to 60% and from 10% to 25%, respectively.
I will give you an example. Let’s say you have a utility app, consider including one of the utility’s tools in the screenshot to highlight the experience, and explain the key features in captions.
Personally, I have faced some problems creating personalized icons and screenshots. Hiring a freelancer for designing these is pretty expensive for me. And since I did not have enough budget for that I tried to use http://davinciapps.com. Launch kit screenshot builder is also worth a try for generating screenshots. But then again, if these web services are still not good for you, and you’re not in a rush — old and good Fiverr can help.

Promotional Videos:
media_video_icon_pc_800_clr_4466Promotional Videos are a powerful way to show your app in action. It can drive user engagement and, more likely, will lead to more downloads. However, making these videos take time and money, so the question of whether you should have it remains open.
Here are some tips if you decide to go with a promotional video:
The “Play” button is placed in the center of the preview thumbnail, never put your logo there. Make it bigger and move up to be clearly seen.
Use action words to convince users to press play. Words like “Start” and “Go” work really well.
Snap the best scenes from your game or UI from your app for your cover screen. Your goal here is to attract users, make them curious to play your video.


So many games and apps, so little time. As the number of iOS and Android users grows, new games and apps pop up daily. To make yours a BIG HIT, be strategic about how you design your App Store Page.
With an A/B Testing tool like TestNet, you can quickly test different variations of your app’s page. It can improve your downloads for new target audiences significantly. It is also useful in quickly setting up AppStore Optimisation tests and determine whether your app’s interface is quick and easy to use and the stats your app is providing are useful. Moreover, it can pinpoint the exact spot where you were losing customers on our App Store page so you can get them back.
You just have to use a little caution when preparing your tests and be sure to give enough time to build reputation and traffic to make testing fruitful.
A/B testing and optimization of the icon, screenshots, and promotional videos will give you a better chance of higher rankings, conversions, organic downloads, and ROI.
With that said, please leave some comments as to your thoughts on this post and share your experience in designing your first App Store or Google Play’s App Page. Let me know what worked, and what failed, and why? Share your stories below.

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