4 App Store Optimization Articles you need to read today (for real)


How is your ASO month going?

Last month I decided to go deeeeeep into some polemic topics regarding ASO. In many of these articles I vented a bit , while in other ones I really try to introduce some topics

1.       Understanding ASO As A Powerful Market Research Process In 5 Steps

We tend not to talk about failures. Failures are the preliminary steps before success. Think of NASA. How many rockets have crashed? How many explosions and failed attempts were there before that memorable day where Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon?
So it’s basically impossible to succeed on the first try, and even mega corporations have epic failures. Apple has failed, Sony has failed, Microsoft has failed. But failure takes us closer to understanding what the market really wantsRead more here.

2.       ASO For iOS Or Android: Where Should You Start From?

This was my favorite article… mainly I believe that we need to really question how to do ASO… specially when we are confused about how to do it when we have the same app in 2 different platforms.
Before you disregard this post because you don’t have an app in the 2 platforms, read carefully my little grasshopper, because if you find out what came first: the chicken or the egg… I bet you can cook the most delicious app omelette. Read more….

3.       ASO For Reskinners – Easier Than You Think 

I have been doing ASO for 2 years and every month I face the same questions from many developers. The main question seems to be the wrong question: how do I choose the right code for ASO purposes? This question never has a straight answer because choosing the code should never be the first step in the process of ASO for reskinners. Reskinners have great advantages against normal indie developers. Check it out….

4.       The ROI Of App Store Optimization

This is a very close topic to me: the idea behind Return On Investment (ROI) for ASO.
The reason why I chose this topic is a bit personal. One week ago I was targeted by an online troll questioning the “REAL” value of ASO if ASO can’t take an app to the top.
It was a valid point, but unfortunately the way it was delivered came packed as an attack.
The attack questioned why ASO consultants, ASO experts or evangelists (like me) do not have apps in the top position of the app store. So I decided to reply with this article 😉