Social Media Strategies for Apps

Published on July 28, 2016 by admin

App companies literally suck at Social Media, everyone is doing Social Media but they are not doing it in the way that their apps deserve. In this video I go deeper into Social media and the correlation with ASO.

Social media is proven to be a cost-effective marketing tool around. If done well, even the most budget-poor app marketing team can generate significant interest, traffic, and exposure using social media platforms.

App devs or ASO consultants are perfectly positioned to make the most of social media since mobile apps are perfect subjects for the viral loop. The viral loop is the snowball effect that occurs when an app’s existing users share their insights or experience with their social connections, which, in turn, encourages these people to use and share the app themselves.

The viral loop starts when the app has been seen, then installed, and shared.

The larger the amount of users that go through this loop process, the more downloads your app will receive.

This is why a social media profile and manager is essential. He or she is basically the “ambassador” of your brand. This can be you, or if you’re too busy enough, you can hire someone from upwork or freelancer. There are lots of social media tools that you can use including blogs, podcasts, content sharing platforms (Flickr, Youtube, Slideshare), Wikis, mashups (hybrid apps) and social apps (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) of course.

The social media manager of course needs to take part in your ASO and/or marketing strategy, but also has to listen for opinions about your brand or app. Aside from the discussions and crisis management, he or she has to know or at least identify the market opportunities, collect them, and deliver these information back to the marketing department.

To know more about how you engage Your app’s community on social media, visit my blog here.

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