Icon SplitTesting in ASO – consider your competitors

Published on July 27, 2016 by admin

One of the biggest roadblocks to App Icon Design is A/B Split Testing.

As you guys probably know, it can take several days for Apple to approve your app (unlike in Google PlayStore, it just take several minutes). For me, this is a long time to wait to find out the impact of your icon design change. This flaw puts a serious limit on how many icons you can test in a month just for a certain app.

On top of that, since you are not testing the icons at the same time, your data may be skewed by day of the week or seasonal fluctuations. Also, since you’re just testing your icon designs based on your own ideas and designs, you’re missing a lot of things because you can also split test your icons against your competitors, which is the better way.

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In A/B Split Testing your icons, you can use third party testing services to quantitatively measure your results.

However, the problem with most in-App Store testing is that you may not currently have enough traffic to make your results statistically significant.

Here are some solutions:

You may buy paid traffic from Facebook ads, Admob, Chartboost, or any other ad platform.

You may also create a mock app store page using one of the platforms mentioned above so you’d see and change just one element on the page and measure the results.

More and more A/B testing platforms will come onto the market, but here are a couple of the top solutions that you can try right now.

  • Store Maven
  • SplitMetrics
  • TestNest

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