ASO Tool: Monitoring your App store Optimization position using ASOdesk

Published on December 21, 2016 by admin

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  • Yoko 7 months ago

    Thanks Gabriel for your very useful videos. I have long ago followed many of your trainings and improve myself a lot on ASO. What I’m writing now is just to share my experience with ASO Desk (I switched from Mobile Action to ASO several days ago after the the free trial).
    I agree with you that it is very easy to use, beside it’s affordable to me, and the part estimated search per keyword is amazing. However, to be honest, I must say I doubt the result.
    I do deep ASO for many languages, for my newborn apps, the conditions to choose a keyword is it’s relatively good traffic and very low competition. From my experience, low-competition keywords have total apps rank for it is somewhere lower than 200 (for my app’s case). Please correct me if I’m wrong. So the number total app rank is important. But I made random check on some keywords, for example, “tank io” in US, the result is 49 apps but the reality is around 250 apps, “game vui” (in vietnamese, means “funny games”) total is 49 and reality is more than 250, and many other example.
    Please share with us your opinions in this case. Thank you!


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