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Beware of Black Hat ASO This 2016

I come to you today with a warning: Beware of Black Hat ASO companies. Not all ASO companies or providers are bad, but many of these employ ASO Strategies that are considered “grey hat” or much worse, “black hat.” This is where they promote your apps by doing things that violate the rules of the […]

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Blackhat ASO News 2016: Shuabang – A Notorious Blackhat App Store Optimization Provider in China

In China, if you don’t know what the slang word “shuabang” means, you are definite out of the loop. It is the hottest topic in the Chinese mobile marketing circle nowadays. Shuabang is an ASO industry and considered one of the most troubling gangs of system gamers who specialized in providing Black Hat ASO services. […]

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Black Hat “ASO” App Store Optimization 2016

Apps have actually been wiped off the rankings mainly due to the way in which they have actually been “fixed” both by their developers or ASO service providers or by unethical app store optimization companies. The reality is that black hat approaches have been the factor. An expert ASO company in new york city would […]

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