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Who Am I?


I am Gabriel Machuret. One of the world leading App Store Optimization experts.

Author of the first App store optimization books available in Amazon, “ASO Ninja” and “ASO Bible” and daily blogger on the top app store optimization blogs and a top App Store Optimization podcast.


During the past years, I have helped over 500 developers and app companies to optimize their apps and understand how the App store algorithm works.


My approach is to make App store optimization training as friendly as possible and to offer a proactive way to understand easy and practical techniques that you as a developer can implement today.


As an App store optimization consultant I have worked and trained developers in how to use some of the best App store optimization tools and strategies.

Using a straightforward, jargon-free approach, my objective is to make ASO and app marketing more approachable. My goal is to empower business app companies to be the masters of their own ranking and traffic.

During the last few years I have immersed myself in the App store Optimization world… and I love it!

ASO is one of the most challenging and exciting industries out there.

To start with we face different rules and conditions for different app stores, like iOS, Android (Google Play), Nokia, Amazon, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.


Some ASO Facts

I wrote the first ever App Store Optimization book published in the world (yep! I’m kind of a huge deal …)

Featured in the first ever ASO podcast published and reached  top charts in iTunes.

In March 2013 I launched the world’s first ever App Store Optimization course in Udemy, becoming  one of the most popular courses in the first week, achieving best selling Udemy trainer status.

I have trained over 10.000 developers under my ASO courses.

Published the best selling Amazon book, ‘ASO Bible’, my second ASO book.

Trainer of the First ASO workshop in the world, hosted in Bangkok Thailand.

First ASO talk in a Game Conference, thanks to Casual Connect – Singapore

First ASO talk in China. It was a blast to share the stage with people like Google

Published Advanced ASO course in 2015, which sold out within 48 hours with more than 200 copies sold in first round.

Gabriel acquires Appmind.co in February 2015 ASO tool making it the the most affordable and effective ASO tool for IOS in the market.  Later on Appmind.co was acquired in March 2016 by Mobile Action.

Becomes Ambassador and consultant for Mobile Action.co , one of the top ASO tool companies in the world.  


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“I’m a fan of this guy’s approach to delivering info. It’s very refreshing to find real information that is useful in a category where there are so many people peddling garbage, and empty promises. He’s thorough, offers plenty of tried, and tested tips, perspective, and this course gives you enough to get the ball rolling on your own. Plenty of real info to chew on, and start building your own base.” – Nick


“This is the type of course that I have been looking for….and that I found nowhere else! Gab is definitely a ninja when it comes to monetising your apps and I am so glad i bought this course to understand the mindset behind his success. I would 100% recommend this course if you are making apps and want them to succeed in the App Store! Some tips may seem obvious, but trust me they are not! Use his knowledge to increase your ROI. This is worth a lot more than the price you pay I guarantee.” – Romain